Courtney Sinclair Photography



is a New Jersey native, currently based in Seattle, WA. As a creative and maker,
her chosen artistic mediums include contemporary dance, floral design, and poetry.
Ashley Jade's inspiration for opening THE JADE PLOT comes from her practices as a
green witch and psychic. To AJ, magic means forming a close relationship with the
earth through intention and conscious spellwork. TJP is her method to cultivating an
accessible platform of magic through floral design and movement. AJ's floral practice
is deeply influenced by her movement style, guided by natural flow, with lush
indulgence. Her designs are often described as handheld microenvironments. As a
choreographer and movement artist, she is most intrigued by improvisation and floor
work. She grounds her improvisational practice through self-curated prompts inspired
by those of astral projection and scrying.  Outside of THE JADE PLOT, Ashley Jade is one
of three Founders/Co-Directors at Dance UNDERCURRENT and performs with
Virtualso Dance Co. When AJ is not in the city, she is pleasantly unreachable in the
mountains of the PNW.